Directed Acyclic Graph Data API

Best of Both Worlds

Dagda allows you to create Permissioned Ledgers on a Public Blockchain. Multi party sign-off is used to create structured hierarchies of data, while leaving the complicated Bitcoin SV utxo management to a consumable service.


To use DAGDA you need a unique email address and phone number for identification purposes.


You can use DagdaClient from anywhere in your node application using our npm package.

npm i dagda

Then instantiation is as simple as adding your credentials from registration to the constructor.

const dagda = new DagdaClient({
    userID: '-',
    bearerToken: '-',

Authority Creation

In order to set who is able to create data within our private ledger, we must first set up the members which form an authority and add any details we wish to attest to.

const response = await dagda.createAuthority({
    profile: {
        name: 'Example',
        phone: '+47 0000 987 654',
        email: 'example1242134234524@gmail.com',
Register with the service first.